These days, mascara is a big deal. It can bring out your eyes, lengthen your lashes, and really make your look pop! These tips and tricks will help you avoid the most common mascara fumbles.

Prime First
Some of the new makeup innovations sound absolutely silly, even to the most fashion-forward girl. However, eyelash primer serves a great purpose. It gives the mascara something to adhere to and can help lengthen and strengthen your lashes! So, brush it on before you grab your mascara.

Stop The Pumping
It seems like the most intuitive way to get more mascara on your brush right? Simply pump the wand in and out and viola, well-coated bristles! However, mascara is actually an incredibly delicate substance. Pumping your wand can ruin the consistency and lead to clumps. As you pump, you also put more air into the bottle which leads to it drying out quicker.
Instead, unscrew the bottle and open it slightly, then swivel the wand around inside the tube. Now you have a perfectly coated brush and longer-lasting mascara!

Give It A Wiggle
If you want a clump-free application (and of course you do), you should employ a slight back-and-forth wiggle motion as you apply the mascara. Start at the roots and work your way to the tip as you start to gently direct the wand outward to the outer corners of your eyes.

Starting at the root will keep the weight of the product at the strongest part of your lashes rather than the middle or end where it will cause your lashes to curl downward.

Layer It On
If you want super thick lashes, double up your application. Look up first and apply to the bottom side of your lashes, and then look down and do the top. This hack will give you long, dark, and gorgeous lashes for any outing!

Don’t Panic!
Don’t try to remove wet mascara when you get it somewhere it shouldn’t be. Just remain calm, wait until it dries, and then flick it off with a stiff brush. Although it smears like crazy when wet, when mascara dries, it will stiffen up and peel right off. No one will ever know what even happened!

Smooth Curls
When you go to curl your eyelashes for eyes that really pop, make sure to start as close to the roots of the eyelashes as possible. Give them a squeeze for around five seconds, and then work your way up to the tips. If you just curl in one spot, your eyelashes will have an unnatural kink to them and you will not experience maximum curl!

Clean It Up
It’s tempting to simply push the used wand back into the tube, especially when we’re in a rush and trying to get out the door. But, you should take the time once every couple weeks and rinse off your brush in warm water. This will get the dried mascara off and lead to a longer shelf life.
This will additionally work to keep build-up off the brush, which is really important for lengthening formulas.

If you’re looking for the perfect mascara, we offer more than 25 mascaras for you to choose from. While you might have already found your favourite, we certainly suggest giving L’Oreal’s Double Extension Mascara a try or Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara if you need something that will last all day and night. #beauty_scarlett

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